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Cheer Seattle takes data protection concerns seriously and wants to ensure that users’ privacy is protected.

Volunteer Data

  1. Cheer Seattle reserves the right to collect volunteer data such as name and contact information.  This identifiable data will be used for attendance and communication purposes. 

  2. With few exceptions, only the board of directors, events committee, and IT committee have access to this personal data.


Donor Data

  1. Cheer Seattle collects a minimal amount of identifiable data from donors; we retain only what is required for payment information. 

  2. The payment information itself is stored via the donation method(s) as provided by the payment providers and not stored on Cheer Seattle’s resourced servers and infrastructure.


Cheer Seattle does not share any of this user data (volunteer or donor) with any third parties unless you have previously given your express permission to do so, or the transmission is required or permissible by law. In particular, we will neither sell nor otherwise market your data to third parties.


Any questions regarding this privacy policy can be addressed by emailing 

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