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Acknowledgement of Receipt and Agreement of the
CHEER Seattle Abridged Handbook

CHEER Seattle volunteers who are not either part of the Production or Performing group must read and acknowledge the CSEA Abridged Handbook.  
The CSEA Abridged Handbook can be accessed by clicking HERE.
Full name:
Anything that we should know about you, health wise?
Emergency contact:
Emergency contact phone:
Event name:
Event date:
 If you are a guest of a CSEA member, please enter their name here: (Optional)
I have read and agree to the guidelines stated herein, the CHEER Seattle Abridged Handbook. I agree to uphold and act out the expectations of a CHEER Seattle volunteer.  I will represent the team in the manner that is expected of a CHEER Seattle volunteer safely, honestly, and respectfully.  I promise to be on-time, be nice, raise money, work hard, and have fun!

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